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At Sherwood, we take great pride in the delivery of our bespoke and tailored recruitment services. We work as an extension of your business and communicate concisely with internal recruitment teams, HR colleagues and Hiring Managers to produce outstanding results for every assignment.

Master Vendor Solutions

Our Master Vendor solution is a great option for businesses who utilise multiple agencies to fulfil their recruitment needs. This solution gives back control to your business by consolidating your multiple recruitment streams into one easily managed service, with one point of contact rather than several.

Our Master Vendor solution will also consolidate accounts information into one place, allowing ease and transparency when reviewing agency cost’s and processing accounts information, giving control back to your business and reducing administrative duties as well as offering management information and reports as and when required.

When implementing a Master Vendor solution Sherwood act as the 1st Tier supplier for all recruitment needs and further agencies are managed by ourselves as secondary suppliers (we also offer to offer and manage your existing suppliers to ensure continuity of business).To become a supplier we ensure that a strict vetting process, which has been agreed in partnership with yourselves, is in place and that potential new suppliers adhere to this.

We offer a fully flexible and bespoke service when agreeing and implementing a Master Vendor solution and offer comprehensive reviews throughout the supply contract to ensure that Sherwood are surpassing your expectations.

Neutral Vendor Solutions

Our Neutral Vendor solution, whilst similar to the Master Vendor option, allows Sherwood to operate as “neutrally” and assist with the operational and compliance orientated aspects of your recruitment needs rather than as a supplier of candidates.

With this model Sherwood ensures that candidate compliance is met by assessing new suppliers prior to contract implementation and by regularly auditing agency suppliers, assisting with mitigating any risk to your business.

Failure to comply with requirements can result in fine’s, margin reductions or removal from the suppliers list for uncompliant suppliers – if this is the case, any savings are passed on to yourself as the client.

On-site Recruitment

Having built excellent working relationships with our clients, Sherwood currently operate several On-Site recruitment functions for some of our longest standing clients, as well as some new faces with whom we have built a beneficial and trusting relationships.

Our On-Site solution completely immerses our experienced and dedicated recruiters into your business, working in partnership with you to deliver a long-term solution for high volume temporary and permanent recruitment needs.

When engaging in this relationship Sherwood work with you in undertaking an analysis of business requirements to understand where we are, what the desired outcome would be and how we are going to achieve this. As well as this we commit to yourselves by way of implementing SLA’s to ensure our performance is in-line with your expectations.

As always, we operate in a compliant, effective and ethical approach to your recruitment needs and offer expert knowledge and advice to internal colleagues and third-party suppliers a like.

In undertaking an On-Site service Sherwood dedicate ourselves to continuously improving our service to your business and look to increase efficiencies and cost savings for you throughout the lifetime of the agreement.

Retained Recruitment

Whilst offering a range of recruitment solutions Sherwood understand that finding a solution that fits your needs is essential and as such we can offer more traditional, Retained Recruitment services where required.

A Retained assignment is simple and is again designed to alleviate the stresses of recruitment, ultimately streamlining your recruitment processes and removing duplication of candidate CV’s, removing multiple agency contacts and removing displacement activity associated with the use of several agencies.

By choosing to work with Sherwood on a retained basis, you are choosing a partner who will work closely with your internal HR and management teams to completely understand your business needs and requirements from the skills and experience desired of your ideal candidate down to personality traits you look for in new colleagues. Again, we become integral to your business and as such have become a leader in the market when recruiting on a retained assignment.

Contingency Recruitment

Contingency recruitment is more than likely the method of recruitment you are used to when looking to engage with a recruitment agency.

This recruitment solution is something which Sherwood can offer and do undertake, with clients returning to Sherwood time and time again following poor experiences with our competitors.

This Ad-Hoc, vacancy by vacancy process can be inefficient if not managed properly and when using multiple agencies, so we would recommend that clients choose carefully who they have performing contingency recruitment for them.

As always Sherwood offer competitive rates and terms when undertaking Contingency based recruitment and in conjunction with finding the right candidate within your desired budget and timescale, we also offer added value to this process in other areas.

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